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Negation Reservoir (Void)

Posted on July 14, 2021 in D20 Feature iCore Trait

Negation is a manifestation of a form of Void anti-Anima. Only entities with [permanent] Void Aptitude may develop a Negation Reservoir – a reservoir of Void power from which they may activate power and effects that leverage that type of Anima. Like all reservoirs, a Well (and supplementary Pool) is gained. Natural [Aptitude] Talents do not exist for the >Void Aptitude.

Learning: In addition to other requirements, the entity acquiring it must find some way to learn to do so; The Anima Reservoir’s have a standard means of doing this.

D20 Feature Mechanics

COST/REQ: Inherent by Species

Return Rate: 1/Short Rest, All/Long Rest, enhanced by Meditation

d20 version INCOMPLETE

iCore Feature Mechanics

COST/REQ: Inherent by Species