Focus Point Item

An item which a character has given an extensive examination to and are closely bound to through Attunement that allows them to focus their intent and energy through. It is the “item” equivalent of a place’s Focal Point. The character knows it like the back of their hand. No matter where it is, in relation to the character is considered part of perfect Feng Shui. A ritualized related Mystic Essential is used to change its form to personalize it in its creation – in order to make it permanent and 1 open Essence to Attune. Each one must be created distinctly, an existing one cannot be ‘improved’ upon.

Identifying Empowered Items:

Story Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Character Story elements to the Character.

All the basics of Simple Identification (Rituals of Knowing).

Cost _Baselines_ for Material Empowerment Levels:

  1. Pervasive/Common: 100% cost portion
  2. Uncommon: 200% cost portion
  3. Scarce: 500% cost portion
  4. Rare: 1000% cost portion
  5. Unique: 5000% cost portion

Attuning to a Focus Point:
Multiple? Max #?

Alteration of a Focus Point:

  • Destruction: get essence back
  • Corruption: drain anima energy through it; link affliction; taint -1 attack/save?

A Mystic Focus Point Item, a Place of Focus or Anima Manifestation can be used to create the necessary elements that would normally be consumed in the casting of a spell. An entity must have an anima pool in order to manifest for material consumption.

Incarna d20™ Focus Point Details/Mechanics

The Arcane Focus or Holy Symbol is a form Focus Point Item and requires Attunement (1 Essence). The quality/power of the item enhances the advantages of Aptitude Thematic Adjustments by increasing the level of spell they apply to.

  1. Common: +0
  2. Uncommon: +1
  3. Scarce: +2
  4. Rare: +3
  5. Unique: +4

iCore Focus Point Details/Mechanics