Anima Manifestation

Using Anima to replace Material consumption (Manifestation Aspect) in Low Art spell castings of Magic.

An entity may use 1 [anima] to manifest elements for a tier of Materials for Casting. A character may empower a casting to substitute for the Pervasive/Common materials (1% Cost Portion) or increase the material empowerment by 1 + a [related Aptitude]. Example: A character without any materials or Mystic Focus Point Item may use 1 anima {Mana} to substitute or increase the material empowerment to the Uncommon (10% Cost Portion). If they have {Occult} Aptitude, they may increase the material empowerment 1 level for each point of Anima (5 {mana} for 100% Cost Portion).

A Mystic Focus Point Item, a Place of Focus or Anima Manifestation can be used to create the necessary elements that would normally be consumed in the casting of a spell. An entity must have an anima pool in order to manifest for material consumption.