Rest and Survival

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Resting and Recovery

Short Rest

A short rest is a brief (8 hours) span of time spent at full rest. Only sleep or a low impact activity may be enjoined in this time, or the rest cycle is reset. A Short Rest of is often considered enough to regain fatigue damage and partially recharge vital fonts of energy. While a character may get a full rest on most nights, there may be many circumstances which prevent the short rest from being effective.

  • Healing: All characters heal HP at the rate of 1 + their Constitution modifier

Long Rest

A long rest is a full week of unhindered rest, with unbroken sleep cycles. It is usually enough to heal most normal damage with care. Only minor passive activities may be enjoined in this time, or the rest cycle is reset.

Prolonged Lack of or Disturbed Rest

The negative pathway of triggering events that leads to this state/condition will likely come with Trepidation; specifically Disorienting Thoughts. It is also possible that Nightmares my also intrude during the hours of sleep/rest. This state would be removed through direct actions such as Atonement or indirect; ex: an Act or Mystic OfferingsOfferings[/su_permalink of appeasement, Many causes have methods proscribed, both mundane and/or mystical.

Survival Challenge

A survival challenge is where character(s) must get from one point to another with [typically] a limited set of resources.

Aspect Affects
Warmth (temperature)
Dry (shelter)