Focus Corruption

The character’s Anima energy pool is toxic. Some dangerous source has corrupted the pool and is pressing on all aspects of their ability to manipulate Focus. Once the Corruption is removed, the impacts are all reversed. The source of the corruption will note its duration, specific steps to remove or a remedy to purge the affliction.

Lesser Corruption: The energy pool return rate is increased.

Greater Corruption: A simple corruption of the pool that weakens the character’s health and deals damage to the character when they use energy from their pool.

Superior Corruption: In addition to the effects of the Lesser Corruption, the character will suffer a wave of jumbled thoughts each time the energy is used.

D20 Focus Corruption Mechanics

Lesser: The Return rate of the energy pool is per Long Rest, NOT Short Rest.

Greater: The character suffers Disadvantage on Constitution checks, a reduction of 1 Essence, and every time they use their noted fuel, they take damage equal to the amount used.

Superior: Each use makes them Afflicted with Deluded Thoughts for 1 minute.

Incarna iCore Focus Corruption Mechanics