Character Pathways and Calling

Character Paths (‘Pathways’) are a way to designate a group of abilities as central to the idea and development of a character concept, providing a natural beneficial pathway for developing the character which focus’s character learning into a progress that is tightly bound. There are degrees of specificity in Character Paths vary – some are high level (Archetypes – theoretically usable in any setting) and others more specific (Class) – but all will reflect generally connected/related capabilities and Optimal Aptitude (a specific set of Aptitude values). Pathways may provide some benefits initially, but the full benefits are realized over time. Some pathways are tuned to a specific setting, and usually reflects the Experiences – cultural upbringings, education, backgrounds, and vocations – of it.

Character Calling

A path of progress within an already defined scope, such as archetype, vocation, etc. These are typically selected early in a character’s life – usually required at Character Inception. Once taken, Callings cannot be “dropped” or changed – they are part of the character history.

Optimal Talent: Each [Calling] has an Optimal Talent (OT). This may consist of a minimal aptitude configuration and an optimal aptitude configuration; In addition to the normal Aptitude talent capabilities, the OT provides added benefits. The character must designate their Calling at the time of Character Inception – this is their OT Obligation. Each Obligation will have milestones that must be met to gain their full benefits. When the OT Obligation is met, it will allow the character to select a set of three modifying capabilities, and typically regains some Essence spent for the Aptitude(s).

i20™ Character Calling Settings Details

i20 [specific] Requirements: The Obligation is a designation of Class and Pathway (school, domain, etc.) within that class.

  • The character must have at least 1 class level of their OT obligation by their 3rd character level. They regain 1 Essence from the cost of their Aptitude.
  • The character must have their full OT obligation by their 5th character level. They regain 1 Essence from the cost of their Aptitude.
  • A character can only gain a measure of their capabilities no greater than their obligation class level.

iCore iCore™ Character Calling Settings Details

iCore [specific] Requirements:

The measures of aptitude talent are often reflected in the Optimal Talent measures for Character Callings, and often are reflected in their Bearings: