Befoulment of the Gloaming

Steel Realms

In CY 5656, the Befoulment of the Gloaming marks the eruption of Ash Plume Peak that caused mass devastation. It cast black ash and soot plumes over the western edge of the Tolkisson Range and out into the heartlands. At night, tendrils of more black soot would leak out in all directions but east. The toxic ash seemed to cause madness, and served as cover for Orrish attacks. Technically it continued for 9 years off and on, though nothing as cataclysmic as the initial eruption that collapsed a portion of the mountain.

The primary eruption was connected to or perhaps even triggered the draining of the Greyfoam Sea making it the Catryn Sea Crater – the once great inland sea, and sundered the Ducateon Kingdom of Rockholm. It is believed to be some sort of curse or hex caused the mass devastation – most often attributed to the Unholy Trio (who remain silent on this). All total, 15% of the population of the Steel Realms heartlands were killed, and double the amount permanently had their health impacted – to the extant that it limited their capacity to reproduce.

The Ducateon Cataclysm

The Ducateon made new settlements and christened the new kingdom as Rockholme in the walls of the basin and its floor, mining incredibly rich deposits of minerals. The combined Ducateon/Dwarven might was bent on finding the headwaters of the mysterious Anumha Falls. Many battles and countless unaffordable lives were lost. History knows only this, the annals recording the details have never been made available to the world. Only the copper scrolls of the Ducateon holds such information.

Population Devastation: Many settledments of the Ducateon were broken, many of their people killed. The headwaters of the drained Catryn Sea Crater slowed to a trickle, and the Ducateon AND Dwarves of the kingdom bred mostly males, and many infertile – the population dwindled drastically. They would do so for thousands of years, abandoning many settlements and holts.

Ducateon Diaspora: A great diaspora sent them in all directions. The original regal bloodline eventually died out, and those that moved away were barely able to carry on the Ducateon species – Dwarves became more prevalent.

Dragon Magic: In CY 5663 the headwaters began to flow again. It is believed that the dragons of Rockholm were finally able to aid the Ducateon folk and caused the great Torgrimson River to keep the basic flow towards the sea – up the Gunhild Rise. Less than a quarter of its previous flow, but enough to secure the future of the races. The Dwarves and Ducateon gathered around the drained sea and made several settlements, mining the rich mineral deposits laid bare. Rockholm was re-christened officially in CY 5664, though no king sits upon its throne. Nor will it ever – the Ducateon vowed never to focus the fortunes of their species in such a singular fashion again.

Revitalized Rockholme: “As the flow of the Anumha Falls went, so too will the descendants of Dalmagen (The Unbroken Claw) sow their seed” – thus it was. Eventually in 7902, the dragon clan allied with Ducateon managed to restore a portion of their lost fertility – though only the copper scroll annals of their people hold the full truth and what price their alliance paid.

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