Young Kindoms – Epoch of War

Epoch of War

Epoch of War

Young Kingdoms: EPOCH OF WAR (EoW) is a fictitious period – an alternate timeline for the character and world of Elric of Melnibone. In it, Elric finds his strength himself, returns his people to their roots and awakens the slumbering giant of Melnibone against their arch-rivals and upstarts of Pan Tang – which threaten the engulf the kingdoms in war and destruction for their masters. It is an altered history/future of the Young Kingdoms, presented as a time marking a new beginning for both old and new. The forces of Law and Chaos are both waxing; the world is in transition. No longer is the destiny of the Young Kingdoms fixed in destruction, and yet it may be a far more dangerous age to adventure in. However, where the risk is great, the reward may be greater still. It is in this age that players are cast. They must choose sides, and ally themselves smartly. Those that remain neutral are likely to be crushed under the powerful forces arrayed in the Young Kingdoms.

  • The Young Kingdoms are set and most things close by, most is unknown but far areas are shrouded in myth and mysteries.
  • The struggle between forces that shape the cosmos are those of chaos and order.
  • There are multiple nations in competition for resources and divine favor and they do not trust each other.
  • Divine power is the only power aside from Kinetic – it is wise to know those who a favored by the gods.
  • PC’s are not inherently exceptional; they rise above through their actions to become that.
  • The world is mostly unfair – most of the world is illiterate and uneducated and kept that way so that leaders may use them as pawns to advance their own cause.
  • The average person just wants to live but must pick a side; a nation and/or a god – without such protection they are only prey for others.
  • The verse needs heroes – those in power want things to stay they way they are, the only real change can come from outside.
  • There is no greater good served as perceived by the commoners – meaning is found in local communities and divisions of race, class, clan, faith or region.
* Coming of Aubec of Malador *
01 to 400 After Aubec of Malador (AA) = Age of Renewal / The ‘Time of the Young Kingdoms!’
428 AA – After Aubec of Malador = Current

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