Faerie in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

Faerie races in the Steel Realms have more variety even than humans, though their population size is much smaller. Like any population, the normally life-allied elven population has its share of Faey, as well as the fallen ones that dwell in the underlight and persist by blood – Faet m’un. There are those which breathe underwater (Glyddin; “Sea Elves”), which fly and breathe the thin high air (Syphim; “Winged Elves”), and all manner and size of land dwelling variety. These are divided into two ‘camps’ as seen by the rest of the species on Helca; The deep forest dwelling Ynthian Elves and the Wyld Elves of open plains and natural places outside of the Forest of Ynth. There are no known settlements of the ancient Aelfs left on Helca – if there were ever any. Faerie races are treated with suspicion, as they are nearly as adaptable as humans and in direct competition most of them, but inscrutable to most humanoids.
@RP Impact: Reaction penalty in some places

Faey elves become incredibly powerful, very quickly, twisting their powerful soul-gem into a dead one, an intuitive tunnel to the power of the void.

Long Life Thread

Nearly ALL faerie races have a Long Life Thread, living more than 200 years.

d20 Raise Dead and equivalent/d20 Revivify and equivalent: Creatures with a Long Life Thread (ex: Elves) cannot be targeted by either of these spells (they simply fail) – it takes stronger spells to impact the character enough to bring them back from the dead.

Folk of copse and hill, folk of glade and wood, folk of sea and wave, folk of cloud and breeze, folk of grass and sky

the [contentblock id=playlink1] is the defacto starting point for characters and races of the Steel Realms. The Faerie of the Steel Realms correlate to the (Fey) Elves of DnD.

Common Aspects

D20 Feature Mechanics

COST/REQ: [contentblock id=essence1]
  • Soul Gem
  • Faerie Meditation (the Dream Sleep): The faerie tap into the Feywild and Aelfpaths to take their mind to a different place. The 4 hours of Meditation for [most] faeries counts as Deep Sleeper and grants them the equivalent of a human 8 hours of rest, but the hour prior to and after can only be spent in contemplative state, resting, relaxing, reading and the like. The last 2 hours of the normal 8 required for rest can be spent in heightened alert – such as standing watch. If the hour before or after is interrupted, the character must make a DC 5 Sanity saving throw or the entire meditative effect must be started over again; Characters not resting suffer 1 point of Malaise (cumulative) until they can.

iCore Feature Mechanics


Elves: Wild (sylvan) and Ynthian

Making Contact

The target will find themselves ‘watched’ by the tiny natural allies of the faeries. They will pointedly stop and stare, unblinking, and the targets pass – it should be obvious if the PC’s are paying attention that something is amiss. The small animals will generally not scurry away unless the targets approach threateningly. Those with Lore: Faerie or any sub race may make an Insight skill check DC 15 to understand the ‘faerie watchers’ are relaying what they see as a prelude to the faeries making contact.

Obscure Knowledge / Near-Impossible Difficulty

Displacement of the Aelfs: Only the elves of Ynth know that at one time about 500,000 years ago, their ancient brethren, the Aelfs, once dwelt on Helca. Were it not for only trace evidence of their spirits in Ynth, no one would know. The Aelfpaths of Helca were made by them, discovered by the elves of Ynth, and their existence kept secret. Once Ynth began its decline, more have become aware of them and started to explore them. The Elves of Ynth only know that at one point, they were on Helca, and then they were gone – before the coming of the Celestials. They do not know about the massive amount of Augmentum ( as it is known in the realms) that drew them. It also drew the dragons, and made powerful their dreams. Before a terrible war between the two could break out, the Aelfs left Helca completely, after only about 50,000 years of living peacefully and quietly.

Realm's Aptitude Powers: Divine, Occult, and Psychic