Dark Frontiers

Dark Frontiers Logo - Red

Dark Frontiers Logo – Red

This setting is part of the iVerse continuum.

Despite humanity’s pessimism, in Dark Futures, humans establish communication with another life form and find evidence of civilizations on mars and beyond. There is a philosophical revolution for a while, but the emergence of corporate giants out of the technology age of the 21st century gets in the way of dealing with the aliens… we alienate the aliens in a corporate attempt to improve our trade position with them and the governments and corps begin to wage a war of espionage on each other. Armageddon is narrowly averted and the aliens we came in contact with pull back – as if from a feral dog. Humans have a diaspora, following the aliens into a region of space where they have learned to live together with some regard and peace. Eventually the home world system of human kind are lost, due to war and calamity within humankind.

The greatest discovery the aliens provide (and regret) is astro navigation (warp) using astro Lay lines to move.

  • The universe is vast, distances great.
  • The struggle between forces that shape the cosmos are mostly those of chaos and order.
  • There are multiple races and corporations in competition for resources and they do not trust each other.
  • Magic and Faith are the weakest; magic is nearly gone and faith is a shell for fear of the unknown; Psychic powers are feared but present in most races.
  • PC’s are not inherently exceptional; they rise above through their actions to become that.
  • The world is mostly fair – technology can bring all things cheaply through social welfare; however beings will do whatever it takes to advance their own cause.
  • The average person just wants to live and has no agenda – they leave such to their corporate and government leaders.
  • The common person is literate, has access to vast amounts of information, educated, and still manages to be opinionated and obstinate in the face of facts.
  • The verse needs no heroes – chaos and unrest follow such people.
  • There is no greater good served – meaning is found in local communities and divisions of race, corporation, class, clan, planet or region.



Age of Encryption (2000-2189)

Encryption technology privatizes the world, governments begin to waver. Rise of corporations. Tesla technology takes off.

  • 2001: Permanent orbiting living quarters
  • 2006: Space based inferometer is put into L3 orbit
  • 2010 Permanent orbiting construction facility is fashioned
  • 2048: Life-supporting planet is discovered; Moon gets colonized for resources
  • 2050-2139: 2nd inner solar system Space Race by primary powers of Terra. Mars migration begins
  • 2140: Cold Fusion Gravity drive perfected
  • 2151: First sign of communication from another extra-terrestrial origin
  • 2151-2189: First self supporting colony on mars; 2167 terraforming in full swing and trade throughout solar system
  • 2189: Permanent Two-way communication with an extra-terrestrial species established (a literal embassy)

Age of Awakening

[Philosophical Revolution] – Scientific advance is retarded as man looks inward. National boundaries fall, corporation rise; acceptance of mans place as not unique, no threats towards other intelligence because they are not in direct competition.

  • 2190: Rise of new philosophies
  • 2190-2300: revolt of the people

governments gain power, all is provided, intellectual growth is retarded; corporations sponsor migrations off world; exploitation of system resources by corps; depression is common, populations shrink.

  • 2305: First Contact w/_____
  • Colonies to mine some of the larger gas giants for resources, willing to trade. Corps start a war, attack outsiders, drive them off.

    Age of Isolation

    Mankind isolated by outsiders for corp actions for 300 years

  • 2624: Man travel to ____
  • Age of Colony

    Science rears up again and man begins climb from intellectual stagnation and population declines; Terra vigorously pursues regaining control of corp sponsored colonies and terran space. Corps begin to send ships farther, Rise of terran hegemony (call SOL hegemony by some).

    National Development

    Natural and man made boundaries

    Strange Phenomenon/Anomalies



    Political Relations: Global and Local

    Sovereign Confederation of Saturnians

    The many moons and resource rich and diverse materials of the saturnian sphere has produced a multitude of small sovereign national claims, banded together in a confederacy.

    Sol Hegemony

    No longer the hu of human activity, the terran government is still one of the most powerful and resource rich. It has the largest trade in tourism of any of the human habitations.








    Various religions groups that feel earth was bed of corruption/”sin”, and off worlders are chosen. As soon as everyone is off earth god will reveal himself again. also, that alien contact was god manifesting himself.

    have a large sect, cult and church presence

    Askari guardians

    a group of neo-templar/masonic psychic warriors bent on the uplifting of man and destruction of the corporate giants. they are rumored to have a secret fortress on earth



    Warfare / Non-Interference

    © Dark Frontiers 2005 (designed by Kelly Berger and Larry James)