The Eon of Ancient Futures

Eon of Ancient Futures Where Ancient Past and Distant Futures Collide.

Old gods, ancient powers, aliens, and humanity struggle for control of progress on cosmic proportions…

This settings is part of the iVerse continuum. It is the collective age of the Eon of Ancient Futures, which took place on Earth in the Edge-Space of what became the Gohrmliht Imperium.

The Vision of KuKulcan

The time for remembering is past, the ancient names that once rang hallowed inside of temples, halls, and throne rooms is long gone. Replaced is the emptiness of a dying world, circled by the cosmic deathbird, a world without hope, bereft of spirit, polluted and corrupted by technology. But the navel of the cosmos is balanced in the Sol system in the Edge Space of what is to become the Long Imperium… and it cannot be allowed to die. The diaspora of the ascended that once left a home world forgotten will return again as shepherds.

The ancient names ring out once more, as they return to prevent a calamitous death of mankind. Many still have descendants, obscure cults, some even still full religions. Others are adopted by those seeking power. In the end, the living “gods” take their children to the stars – another great exodus, a diaspora of humanity but this time they will be aware – seeking, not fleeing.

What is left on Sol are factions warring for power. To claim control of a cosmic wellspring, some for themselves, others in the name of “humanity”, and still others in the name of the Firsters. A bloodline so powerful that it flows beyond even its own galaxyial caul. It may be millions of years before the children of the seeking encounter one another, but in the quiet aftermath a battle rages for control of the dreams and nightmares of a myriad of evolved species.

Dreams fuel the stars of imagination and desire to transcend limits.

Nightmares create a sense of vulnerability to check the pride and arrogance.