Empowerment (on items, places, reagents, etc.)

Magical Empowerments are the application of mystical powers to a target to enhance its normal function beyond its normal capabilities. They are accomplished using consumable reagents and various methodologies – Alchemical (a type of mystic chemistry), Expression (mystic movements, maneuvers and poses), Inscription (mystic writing and attendant materials – inks, etc.), and Recitations (mystic words of power, etc.) – and Aptitude Engagement. Most require some form of permanent Anima energy using the energy pools. All mystic empowerments are made with sterile and typically expensive materials and processes; Failure to do so results in a high chance of corruption and/or failure. Some are Singularly Bound (typically to the creator), and can only be wielded or triggered by a specific Essence/Entity.

Simple Empowered Items contain a single or limited use application (charges), and are actuated by a trigger. The vast majority are Mystic Universals. Mystical Universals do not require any Affinity to wield or trigger. Once they are created, they can be wielded or triggered by anyone using them appropriately. After that, Aptitude Affinity is the most common requirement, along with Anima Energy to trigger.

Complex Empowered Items have permanent effects that are can be activated repeatedly or have passive effects that are always employed. Simple empowerments have a limited cost to the creator and are more prevalent.

Empowerment Properties

Empowerments affixed to a place or item share a set of common properties.

  • Affinity: Basic Attunement or a Bond, Aptitude Measurement, Code or Compulsion that must be shared with the item to wield it.
  • Trigger: A trigger is an act which, when performed, manifests an instance of the empowerment. An Empowered Trigger is a trigger that also requires the use of Anima Energy (ex: “point the wand at a target, utter the command word and spend 1 Mana”). Weak Aptitude Affinity allows the wielder to spend one of the associated Anima Pool for each measure of Aptitude required. Once an instance is used, if that is the only or last remaining charge, the item experiences Dissolution – the anima used is returns to its native Weave in The Pattern. Many different triggers (and multiple) can exist on an empowerment drinking a potion, saying a trigger word of a wand, waving a fan as a triggering gesture, stepping a certain way on holy ground.

Stacking Empowered Effects

The highest level of empowerment is what will be applied – normally combined empowerments are not cumulative.