Alchemy (expendable Trinkets)

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This is a formal field of study and a trade; Its practice produces items.
This could also be represented simplistically as a Lore.


The practice of this may combine elements of: Biology, Chemistry, Physics. A character may gain a Toolkits and Work Stations by purchasing them in-game (depending on availability) or at the time of Inception using Assets.

Divine Trinkets

Occult Trinkets

There are many Occult Models to serve as an example.

D20 Occult Alchemy

Requirements: This requires an Intelligence of 14+ and a Wizard class of 2nd level ability or higher.
In addition to the normal Alchemy skills and artisan tools, the alchemist is proficient with advanced, more volatile and rarer processes and materials. These are used to augment the effects of certain spells. To augment a wizard spell, the alchemist must possess the following: The Wizard version of the spell in their spell book, 2) the normal material components for the spell, 3) the matching Occult Formulae for the same spell.
The alchemist takes a number of days equal to the spell level to produce the enhanced alchemal version of the spell, costing 25 coins per day. They make a DC 10 (+ the level of the spell) check with their tools and see if the process results in the correct outcome – transforming the mundane material components into an enhanced one which changes the outcome of the spell when cast. The specific outcome is based on the formulae. [Minor Alchemy (2nd level Transmuter Arcane Tradition power) allows the alchemist to add their proficiency bonus (doubling it) again to the outcome of the formulae.]

  • Extended Range: Doubled or touch becomes 30 feet.
  • Extended Area: Covers double the normal area.
  • -Replaces the concentration of the caster, allowing them to concentrate on another spell-
  • Extended Duration: Double the duration of any spell with more than an instantaneous duration.
  • Usurped Will: Assuming no change in the condition of the target that would normally give them a new save, this suspend the spell descriptions that allow the target to automatically get a new save each round.
  • Spreading Effect: The spell affects another target within its range (if non damage causing).
  • [Other]: Minor effect, adding no more than a D4 damage to the spell if it makes sense

Multiple effects can be combined, each one has the effect of doubling the cost and adding an additional day as well as +1 to the difficulty check.

Incarna Core Occult Alchemy