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Biology is a formal field of study and a trade; Its practice produces items.
This could also be represented simplistically as a Lore.

( BIOLOGY) Biology is an advanced Life Science of the study of living organisms which picks up where Botany and Zoology leave off. Cellular behavior and ecology, cell evolution, genetics, and biochemistry are all informed by the Biology skill. It is the microcosm of the botanical and zoological macrocosm. Biology allows for research and treatment of specific organ or bodily processes, the practice of advanced medicine, genetics/eugenics, and the ability to study and identify any living organisms to learn of its functions and processes. Biology, along with engineering, forms the core of installing and creating (Physics needed) cybernetic enhancements – basic materials, processes, tools and procurement.

Elements of this may feed into or be leveraged by: Alchemy. It is usually practiced with a kit of typical equipment in a lab of some sort (if available). A character may gain a Toolkits and Work Stations by purchasing them in-game (depending on availability) or at the time of Inception using Assets.


Each specialty has its own specific set of materials and tools. Some are shared with other related specialties, but the exact Utility Set is unique.

Incarna d20™ Biology Details/Mechanics

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d20 [specific] Requirements:

iCore Biology Details/Mechanics

Physics 4 needed.