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Type: Life Science (Ecology)
Focus: Beasts (wild), Ranching (domesticated) [choose 1 for +1; -1 all others]

The character has studied prevalent natural creatures and knows where they live, what they eat, their breeding habits, social organization, and their physical properties (including rudimentary knowledge of toxins they use). It takes a zoologist to safely identify and extract poisons from creatures. They understand the basics of animal behavior and the niche(s) they may fill. They have basic knowledge of physiology and anatomy, metabolic processes, and physical appearance, but not any cultural, historical, or locale specific knowledge. Competent knowledge may provide an opportunity and/or bonus in training and healing familiar creatures. Actions which call for a zoological component at a cost portion can be manufactured for half cost (on a successful check).

Elements of this may feed into or be leveraged by: Alchemy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It is usually practiced with a kit of typical equipment in a lab of some sort (if available). A character may gain a Toolkits and Work Stations by purchasing them in-game (depending on availability) or at the time of Inception using Assets.


Each specialty has its own specific set of materials and tools. Some are shared with other related specialties, but the exact Utility Set is unique.

Incarna d20™ Zoology Details/Mechanics

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