Actualizer – The Psychic Character

The Actualizer is a character with Psychic Engagement that chooses a primary path of development based on psychic power. The Actualizer is focused on the world of psychic mindscapes, and the psychic pillar of The Pattern. Psychic beings are considering Awakened beings. The true psychic character is often confused with those possessing an Actuated Mind. Actualizers have a perspective and understanding wherein all things are concentrated into a singularity, where power perceived, even against the crushing reality of all others, is power achieved. Their emphasis is on changing the limitations of the self, imposing will, change probabilities; the power of the one. It is mostly attuned to Vestigial Sparks.Empowered psychic places, psychic institutions (having their own Tenets), and psychic individuals often share a Binding using Sigilry. Associated items most often use a Bond of Attunement. The prototypical Actualizer has an upbringing experience that better prepares them for the life they typically lead.

An Actualizer needs neither Ritual or Ceremony in their use of psychic powers.
Quantum: The level of operation at which the psychic perceives as the building blocks of the universe.

The Quantum Stream is the source of the current of reality, where all fundamental behaviors and connections are made.
The stream instead of the pattern – the psychics see it more of a free flowing, ever changing rush of possibility rather than a massive woven skein

Most psychics practice influence and misdirection – working on the senses and perception rather than changing actuality. Using legerdemain and mentalist tricks to essentially ‘grease the way’ for their powerful abilities to change reality and/or how others perceive it.

These types of characters can make use of a myriad of empowered psychic items and places that have similar properties (ex: Focal Point) to all characters following an aptitude path, by exercising their powers.

D20 Actualizer Character

Primary Psychic Classes: Bard?, Monk? 5e Psychic Class (custom)

Except where noted, this class conforms to the DnD™ base classes as presented in the ©Players Handbook. Class choice in Incarna is a role-playing challenge more than anything. While any class is possible in the right situation/background, the elements of race, culture, gender, regional issues, and social norms all factor into what path a character is able to take. It is these constraining elements that give additional role-playing challenge. A full Character Background and Perspective Stories can explain anything, even complete deviation from any setting or rule restrictions. Multi-classing has restrictions from both mechanics and what makes sense from a setting and story perspective. Aptitude, Trait Features, and enhanced classes may provide a better alternative.

Incarna Core Actualizer Character

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