Actuated Mind

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The Actuated Mind is one that exists outside of the ego and mental fortress of the typical psychic-capable entity. It has evolved and/or developed into something that is active and exposed all the time. This leaves it vulnerable to some psychic powers, but among the non-psychic ones it has significant advantages.

The Actuated Mind is a form of [Latent] psychic capability (a Focus Well is required). It allows the character to tap into Psychic Wavelengths with others. It can be developed into Psychic Articulations. This opens a character’s communication capability in one of three ways:

D20 Actuated Mind Mechanics

COST/REQ: Inherent by Species or an Actuated Awareness trigger.
  1. Wavelength Attunement: An Actuated Mind can attune itself to others and perform rudimentary mental communication when within 120′. The communication goes to one or more minds of the Attuned Wavelength, the Actuated Mind gets to choose any number of valid targets. Replies only are understood by the sending Actuated Mind, none of the others on the Wavelength (unless they have an Actuated Mind themselves and the sender desires it). An Actuated Mind can recognize a character in Attuned Wavelength – no manner of illusions or shape shiftings can hide the Wavelength signature.
    > Maximum # of Attunements: Proficiency bonus + Sanity bonus; If a character has Psychic Aptitude, they can add a number of Attunements equal to twice their Psychic Aptitude.
  2. Wavelength Communication: The contents of Wavelength communication are as follows:
    1. A character can project a basic emotion or use a simple 1 or 2 word communication for no cost, just like they can a physical utterance under normal d20 ‘other activity’ description.
    2. Minds on the same Wavelength can use an Open Action (and respondents can answer as an Open Action). Any individuals communication can consist of no more than 5 x their Sanity Ability score in total # of words.
  3. Thought Awareness: Any attempt at Detect Thoughts on the Actuated Mind instantly knows that it is being done if the source if within 120′ (a Psychic Aptitude of 4 allows the spending of 1 Focus to instantly know the source), has Disadvantage on their Wisdom save to resist, and Advantage on their Intelligence check to sever/end the effect. If the thought reading as empowered using anima, the effects work as normal.
  4. Psychic Exposure: An Actuated Mind is automatically Vulnerable to Psychic Damage. If they have a Psychic Aptitude score of 4, they only take a single point of extra damage per effect use or trigger on them.

Focus Cost Powers

The character can use an Open Action and expend Focus from their Focus Pool to activate the following powers:

  • [1 Focus] Group of Friends: The Actuated Mind can affect the equivalent of a Friends spell on a target of Attuned Wavelength.
  • [2 Focus] Clear Mind: The Actuated Mind gains Advantage on any Illusion effects of 2nd Level or less. This lasts for 3 Rounds.
  • [4 Focus] Hardened Mind: The Actuated Mind gains advantage on Charm and Fear effects of 2nd level or less. This lasts for 3 Rounds.

Incarna iCore Actuated Mind Mechanics

Having trouble thinking how this might play out after reading this? Check out the Players Roleplaying Guidance or ask the Game Master how it is best expressed in the setting.