Lexical Articulation

Lexical [Communication] Articulation is a form of Psychic Articulation possessed by those with an Actuated Mind. It requires a minimum Psychic Aptitude of 1, and a Focus Pool. This is a form of communication using verbal and written use of a defined language. Animals and other less intelligent creatures that do not have a true language cannot be communicated with in this way.

Awakening: Required Meditation 3

Cost: 1 Essence + 4 Character Points

i20™ Articulation Details

i20 [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

Comprehend Languages

iCore iCore™ Articulation Details

Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None

iCore [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

iCore Text

Psychic [Communication] Articulations

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