Telepathic Articulation

Telepathic [Communication] Articulation is a form of Psychic Articulation possessed by those with an Actuated Mind. It requires a minimum Psychic Aptitude of 1, and a Focus Pool. Telepathic communication is strictly mind-to-mind, but it must be done through a shared language (it is not a purely Cerebral Language). If the language the target is thinking in is not understood by the psychic, no communication is possible without the same potential signs and gestures that might help a spoken language communication.

Awakening: Required Meditation 3

Cost: 1 Essence + 5 Character Points

i20™ Articulation Details

i20 [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

i20 Text

iCore iCore™ Articulation Details

Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None

iCore [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

iCore Text

Psychic [Communication] Articulations

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