Accelerated Healing

Feature Impact > Positive (Cost: -5 per measure as Trait)
Moment Req: Character Inception to acquire
Capability Req: None

Summary: The character’s healing rate is increased.

Type: Physical

The natural processes of the body more rapidly heal damage. The character will heal a greater amount per healing cycle – dependent on species, setting, and circumstances. This increased healing applies to damage only, not secondary conditions or effects which may be ongoing – unless the source of such indicates that this feature also applies.

Time to Acquire: None – Character Inception

Cost to Acquire: None – Character Inception

i20™ Accelerated Healing Details

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

The character increases their normal healing rate per Short Rest by the measure of increase. Example: Accelerated Healing 1 = +1 per Short Rest.

iCore™ Accelerated Healing Details

The character’s healing rate is increased by 1. Their CON is doubled for determining chance of stabilizing aggravated wounds and for calculating Endurance Thresholds.