Code of Conduct

[ Feature Impact ] > Neutral

A Code of Conduct is a deeply held set of ideals and viewpoints that constantly inform and/or dictate the character’s actions. The code is not merely a letter-of-the-law adherence; the character has consciously evaluated, adopted, and integrated it. It frames their actions constantly in setting goals, ambitions, and associations. Breaking the code has consequences in Disorienting Anxiety (guilt, self-doubt, shame) and requires some form of atonement. A code usually consists of a guiding set of observances, tenets, and principles which enshrine the values and ideals of the code.

Type: Behavior
Role-Play ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Roleplaying elements to the Character.

Strict adherence to a code can be used to grant a Character Weave as a reward for good roleplaying. Many can profess to a bond through a Code of Conduct but are not held tightly to it – they try to uphold its values but it will not get in the way of fulfilling their basic needs and social pressures (they will not suffer Anxiety by breaking it). The character may appear to follow it and belong to some society supporting it – these are superficial and do not qualify for the benefits of a Code of Conduct.