Object of Hostility:

General Aggression

The character is driven by a need to be confrontational. This is not contrarianism, if the goals with others align, this is a good thing – though clearly the character should be the one making decisions and leading the way. The violence of action and control of tempo is the BEST and ONLY valid means of success, victory, and the best way to prove their own prowess. They will move at fastest possible speed to directly engage any foes. This has a similar outcome to Overconfidence/Anxiety with a specifically narrow scope of acceptable activities.

While under the effects of this true compulsion, they cannot use any benefits of detailed Lores – though they can use specific tactics skills or maneuvers, Enmity, Good Luck, group, and Leadership benefits. They are unaffected by any situational non-magical fear. They gain Advantage on any fear checks. It is not a suicidal compulsion – the character can be forced out of combat such as a retreat or withdrawal, or told explicitly they cannot participate – they will also suffer from Unconfident/Anxiety afterwards until they have a full rest.