Table Top Platform

Using the online reference source for rules. This reflects the generally understood approach of Table-Top games. Table top lends itself to a more free-form expression of role playing, where the story can take prominence and the goal is not accumulation and linear progress – living, breathing game masters allow more flexibility and variety than any other platform, except for the live action one. Many of the mechanics added as part of the flexibility can add a level of complexity that slows down table top play though.

Game Master: The mechanics of faith can be used as impetus for game play itself. Mentor, sponsor, and others of the same faith can easily be adventure catalysts, adding depth and background to the character and campaign alike.

Using this Model: We are not actively looking to expand this Platform or establish business relationships in regard to this platform specifically, with the Incarna Gaming Network™, but we are open to new ideas. Contact the IGN™ through the General Feedback mechanisms if you are interested in working with us.