About the Incarna Gaming Network™

The Incarna Gaming Network™ is the organization that controls the material that feed into and are displayed on the web site. It was “officially” formed in 2003, but design work began in 2000. At its core is the Incarna game approach and associated mechanics. Incarnaverse, Infinite Incarnations, Incarna Gaming Network, and Incarna are Trademarks of Kelly Berger.

Incarna (“Infinite Incarnations™” or “Incarnations”/”Incarna”) is a set of free (following the Open Gaming Model) genre & setting independent role-playing game (RPG) system rules for gamers which can be adapted to any literary or campaign setting on many platforms. Built around character envisioning with dynamic action, grit and realism, and strong plot-driven scenarios. The approach and concepts are adaptable to any time and place, and flexible enough to translate into any medium.

Incarna Data

Our Mission: To [develop and] promote a game system and RPG aids with a targeted experience simple enough to be played by all and adaptive enough for any platform, setting or technology; To grow and facilitate the support of a community of persons interested in extending the experience and related materials.

Free for Personal Use: The basic rules and all related materials are free for use except for commercial use/re-use by any private or business entity for profit, marketing or promotion without the express written consent of the Incarna Game Network™ (see the Creative Commons attribution). We feel that by making the system available for free and placing it online, that community of support can be grown wherein business opportunities will abound for the company, and both personal and commercial developers. We do not offer a printed material set (although the online materials can be printed). This offers a significant advantage in that if materials change, the online medium means that you do not need to pay for a new book. You can simply print the new information or a whole new copy of the materials you need – if you need to print them at all. The system can also be licensed for commercial and for-profit use. The desire is to adhere to the basics of similar materials such as https://opengamingnetwork.com/ and http://www.opengamingfoundation.org/.

Content Triggers

Warning: This site contains common RPG mature themes and topics (including violence) and images with nudity; See details on our “About” page. There are no gratuitous trigger elements – this warning is included because parts of roleplaying involve stories which can contain these themes and elements, and so mechanics reflect the need to present and resolve issues around them. Individual pages/materials will not necessarily be flagged, the warning applies to the site and hosted materials as a general warning that such materials are embedded within the content.

Licensing Incarna

IGN follows the spirit of the Open Gaming Model for all basic materials. Contact the site owners for more details.

Creative Commons License


Making Incarna Materials

We encourage everyone to do make setting and expanded information and publish it, posting notice on the Facebook page. Please keep in mind the development guidelines for Incarna and the Adventure Principle when making content. Although envisioned initially as a table-top RPG platform, it has the possibility for business and development on several platforms (cards, war-game, computerized/online, etc.).

Content should be created following the Content Standards of the Game Design materials.