Movement and Travel

Base Movement

Base Movement is a characters’ movement rate that is set by their species’ locomotive capabilities.


Movement rates largely depend on an individual’s species physical ability to propel themselves. Machines, beasts of burden and other less mundane means can make movement over any terrain easier and faster. Speeds are determined by species but may be modified by size and physiology and the mobility skill. An average rate of movement will be listed for each species for the equivalents of walking, running, swimming, and any other special movement types that the species may have. Unless noted, no time is tracked for accelerating to achieve a movement rate.

Human Movement Rate Examples
Type Mode Rate Sustain
Base Walking 80m /min. 4.8km /hr
Fast Running 400m /min. 24.0km /hr
Rush Sprinting m /min.
Swimming 100 6.0km /hr


A character can be assumed to move a total distance each AM equal to 1/10th their base move, divided by 6 (1 for each AM in a round). For modern humans, this is about 1.3m.


A character can sustain a movement rate equal to their STA; for base in hours, fast in minutes, and rush in rounds. After that, a Mobility check is required. A failed check imposes a degree of exhaustion, with further failed checks imposing additional degrees.

Journey Waypoints

The GM/Challenge sets X waypoints of a journey and Y segments per waypoint; Simple journeys have a single pair of waypoints and a few segments.

Journey Segment

Interval – ex: 10 miles
> Perceived – ex: yes (easily demarcated; +1) vs. no (assumed)
> “Guide” – knows X waypoints and gets bonus to plan and checks at each waypoint
Labor – ex: 8 fatigue – RC of survival check (but no healing)
Exposure – ex: 4/cold