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Grim Badger Main

Grim Badger Main

As an staff of the Incarna Gaming Network™, Kelly Berger will often post materials that are developed personally or with help from the other contributors. These are typically in the early stages of development, and may go on to play testing or may end up as unofficial materials. Access to some materials on this site may be limited. Also included are non Incarna game materials – including many older campaign notes and play materials and other non gaming projects. There is no formalized process for the integration of any hosted pages with the content on the Incarna web site.

GRIM BADGER: Grim Badger, LLC is the publishing company that I used to published under, founded in 2007.

Play Test Coordinator Role: Manage the Google Group

Kelly’s Memories:

“Uhhhh, you know i’m blind, right?” – Kelly Berger (as Simon Aldoreth, every time he was asked to stand watch or do something)

“Remember the druid.” – Everybody, every time somebody bails on a session.; In ref to Abelard the Druid who i killed when Rich missed a session in the SU dorms.

“I stand tall and let the kobold take the first shot” – Kynar, seconds before said kobold kebabs his sac into a Starbucks Frosted Glandpop.

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