Primary Class/Attribute (Ability) for i20 Aptitude

These materials represent the Incarna i20™ approach based on d20 use.

ONLY Applicable to the i20 Variant

A Primary Class and Primary ability both receive emphasis and enhancements related to their Aptitude. Characters must choose their Primary Class if they have not already (they may only possess 1) upon taking their first measure of Aptitude. This class must be one in which they have a level in. The character must then choose their Primary Ability if they have not already (they may only possess 1); It must be on the list of the class’s Proficient Abilities. It is best to do this at the time of Character Inception.

Primary Kinetic Classes: Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Monk (Way of the Open Fist), Barbarian (Path of the Berserker), Bard (College of Valor)

Primary Kinetic Abilities: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Primary Kinetic Classes

Primary Kinetic d20 Abilities (Attributes)