[Base] d20 Monk Class Variant

These materials represent the Incarna i20™ approach based on d20 use.

ONLY Applicable to the i20 Variant

Story Emphasis: It is strongly suggested that all characters have some story for the important elements of their characters.

Universal for all classes: Starting Equipment and Money = By campaign setting – DO NOT USE THE ©PLAYERS HANDBOOK.

Primary Aptitude(s): Kinetic (Way of the Open Fist) – The monk is a monastic, aesthetic order… though they can venerate a faith.

LEVEL-UP: The GM rewards a character a level based on Merit. By default, i20™ assumes by campaign milestone and limited by Experiences using Improvement Limits. Multiclassing follows i20 multi-class parameters in addition to the base requirements. Sanity increases by 1 every 4 character levels.

Magic/Spell Changes


They come from the Mystic Tradition of The Spark.

Changes to the PHB Monk Class

  1. Essence: The Monk loses 1 Essence at 1st level for the deep ties to the world around them.
  2. Tasha’s Cauldron: Quickened Healing (Optional Feature)