[Base] d20 Artificer Class Variant

Story Emphasis: It is strongly suggested that all characters have some story for the important elements of their characters.

Origins: The artificer “class” is one that studies and makes items of a magical nature. Alchemy is used for Potions (as well as Occult and Divine trinkets) and Inscription having their own limits, these are powerful and many permanent. Like any other characters with a true crafting skill/career (as part of class, archetype, or background), there is a highly questionable reason for them to risk their lives over making a lucrative living practicing their trade (assuming the idea is to get notoriety and wealth as an ‘adventurer’). Also, given the cost of the product they sell, how are they not turning out products and impacting the local economy? Lastly, the setting’s magic prevalence (based on Occult or Divine aptitude) and GMs acceptance of a highly magical milieu will have a serious impact on a class based on constantly creating magical items. A practitioner may try and rise to the status of a master crafter and may signify and gain the benefits of Prestige Marks.

Universal for all classes: Starting Equipment and Money = By campaign setting – DO NOT USE THE ©PLAYERS HANDBOOK.

Primary Aptitude(s): Occult, Divine, and/or Kinetic.

LEVEL-UP: The GM rewards a character a level based on Merit. By default, i20™ assumes by campaign milestone and limited by Experiences using Improvement Limits. Multiclassing follows i20 multi-class parameters in addition to the base requirements. Sanity increases by 1 every 4 character levels.

Magic/Spell Changes


Changes to [Tasha’s] Artificer Class

Assuming the GM accepts the full premise of the class, there is no reason not to allow the class as it stands by default and vary it by setting.

  1. Side Note > Arcane Focus: An artificer leverages their toolkit, not any sort of Arcane Focus, and cannot benefit from any improved Focus Point object.