i20™ Multiclass/Level-Up Limits

These materials represent the Incarna i20™ approach based on d20 use.

ONLY Applicable to the i20 Variant

LEVEL-UP: The GM rewards a character a level based on Merit. By default, i20™ assumes by campaign milestone and limited by Experiences using Improvement Limits. Multiclassing follows i20 multi-class parameters in addition to the base requirements. Sanity increases by 1 every 4 character levels.

Multiclassing [through game play] follows the i20™ Improvement Limits precepts.

Multiclassing must be reflected in time and resources required to learn the new skills and traits and integrate them seamlessly into their existing classes capabilities. Multiclassing sacrifices depth for breadth of capability. It is assumed a character draws upon a lot of their existing experiences to accelerate the uptake of a new class.

Significant time to acquire/achieve outside of Character Inception.

The most applicable requirement of multiclassing is finding a means to learn all required elements to gain a class. A character spending 10 years as a Fighter cannot simply grab a book and be a spell-caster. The time and cost to study and practice are required before any benefits can be acquired. Any time and costs associated with leveling up and multiclassing are the equivalent and longer for for species with a long life thread.

  1. Standard d20 base requirements; i20™ Multiclassing DOES NOT USE THE STANDARD SPELL CASTER APPROACH. Each class gains its spell slots independent of each other.
  2. Minimum Aptitude of all the classes must be met.
  3. Training Time: The study of new ideas and perspectives while integrating all current capabilities = 6 months per class beyond Primary Class. This can be broken down into 1 month fragments at a time. These require the character to be Hale and must be uninterrupted. This way it can be integrated over time.
    • Learning a different tradition’s spell-casting: +6 months
    • Learning Heavy armor: + 3 months
    • Learning martial weapons: + 3 months
  4. Training Cost: Materials and facilities cost = Current Character Level x Cost Portion per month – plus normal living expenses.
  5. Integration Interlude: Choose one power from those gained at 1st, the rest come in at 2nd.


Role-Play ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Roleplaying elements to the Character.

Story Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Character Story elements to the Character.

Adventure Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for the Game Master to use character Features as part of an Adventure.