Aethereal Presence Spectrum

A spectrum which represents an entity’s progressive distance from a material manifestation it once had, to pure Aether (unmanifested completely). Paradox, Void, and various corruptive powers and effects can leech the strength of an entity’s material Presence into states less and less dependent upon the Preeminent Presence they once were. Each state represents a progressively difficult capability for Material manifestation to affect and a more vague impression of beauty/distinct appearance. Entities with a Presence of this type are susceptible to effects which leave a Spiritus type manifestation upon their true death. The farther away their Presence is from the Material or Numinous, the less likely it is for such effects to accomplish this. These entities often require, or at least desire, Eternal Repose. The Aethereal Presence Spectrum corresponds closest to combined Fiend Spark and Virtue Spark and a combinations of Elemental Sparks.

Stages of the Aethereal Presence Spectrum

The stages are, in order of weakest to strongest: