Spiritual Presence

A Spirit is merely an echo of an entity that once was – it no longer has Essence and is not tied to the Aether. Like Illusion, it cannot directly physically interact, though can play on the mental state/sanity of a target. A Spiritual Presence is an echo of a specific entity – it has access only to “real memories” the source entity may have experienced, not the Free Memories of the Aether. Powers manifested by Spiritual Presence’s are accomplished through the aspect of Semblance. Existing Spiritual Entities never leave a Spiritus manifestation upon their true death. These entities often require, or at least desire, Eternal Repose.

Threshold: A Material Presence cannot normally see a spiritual one. Spiritual Presence’s have a threshold over which they become perceptible. This is not true of Entities with a Presence which has left a Spiritus manifestation upon the event of their true death.

Appearance: The manifestation of such a presence becomes vague, and less distinct. It loses or has 4 less maximum levels of appearance/beauty that is impactful.

D20 Spiritual Presence Properties

  • Immune to All Damage except Psychic.
  • Immune to any Condition which requires a physical Body or Mind.

iCore Spiritual Presence Properties