Glooming Presence

Cost: EssenceReq/Limit: By Species/Supernatural*/Spark

Spark: Tainted, Principle, Vestigial; The Glooming Presence corresponds closest to the Glooming Spark.

A Glooming Presence is energy which drains those around it – Nightmaria based. It’s powers reflects those which hide, obfuscate, dim, cover or enshroud, or produce darkness. Glooming Presence’s by their nature possess Quintessence. Glooming Motes of the Umbragen are a manifestation of a Glooming Presence. Most Glooming entities use a communication form of Vezpyr. Entities with a Presence of this type are susceptible to effects which leave a Spiritus type manifestation upon their true death.

  • Can have a Bond
  • Has an associated Presence Trait
  • Foundation of spheres and dimensions manifesting as ‘planes’ of existence

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