Umbragen of Nightmaria – Glooming Motes

Reflects the Code of Conduct for Malicious. Their simple and transient nature makes them difficult to control or direct though.

Incarna d20™ Glooming Mote Details

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

A Glooming Mote Can be summoned with a 3rd level Fey Spirit (See Tasha’s p.112) as a Ritualized spell, but cannot be summoned by anyone with an Good Alignment or similar Code of Conduct or Creed. It is considered a 5th level spell caster in assessing its effects (DC 13/+5), with a casting modifier of +2. Unless noted, the following powers can be used 1/Short Rest: (concentration cannot be broke)

  • Terrorize Those Present:
  • Hide the Way:
  • Spread the Pain:
  • Hate of the Dogmatic:
  • Opportunity of the Coward:
  • Road of the Weary:
  • Clasp of the Weakened:

iCore Glooming Motes Details