Spiritus Manifestation

A Spiritus is a manifestation of a Spiritual Presence that has a faint spark connection to a singular entity (quiescent-natured Presence) that has died as passed beyond. Like all Spiritual Presence entities, it cannot materially manifest and therefore cannot physically harm or kill a target and has no true mind or body to interact with. Spiritus entities can be controlled by a Numinous Presence. It’s manifestation is typically associated with harm, trauma, violence, frantic energy and negative thoughts and emotions – or its opposite: rapturous bliss, a massive uplift in well-being, an accomplishment of staggering magnitude. These manifest with a general outlook, similar to the following (though not limited to) creeds: Benevolent, Good, and Virtuous. Spiritus entities will use their limited power trying to gain witnesses, impart importance, trigger vengeance, force escape/flight and in general represent something that they felt was needed or unfinished when their source entity was alive. They do this using related visions and emotions which they can project into the mind of other sentient beings. They do not realize their nature, their thoughts merely go in a loop, and their form moves by instinct.

Creating: There are many potential means of causing this manifestation.


Controlling: Spiritus entities can be controlled using sheer power from a Numinous Presence, or by others using words, objects, and/or symbols related directly to their life (or death) experience, and Connexion through the same faith. Control implies the Spiritus entity will not actively engage with a target, will engage with only non-warded targets, or leave a recognizable and understandable group of people alone. Some Spiritus may actually have knowledge in their memories that is useful.

Warding: Warding implies that they are held at bay. Spiritus may congregate 5m away from the warded target, and will follow them, but cannot Attack them.

De-Manifesting: A Spiritus can be either destroyed or laid to rest as a means of De-Manifesting it. The later involves speaking triggering words or making similar signs, usually a form of Divine Litany (using Connexion), Atonement, or demonstrating that the source of their trauma has had a peaceful forever-resolution.


Common Properties: 10m Movement, can move through solid materials, Sense Life 30m; must make an Attack to inflict the Wash of Memories. Additionally, they do immaterial/psychic damage only, though the trauma may have a secondary effect or condition it inflicts if the target is especially susceptible. They are treated as if they had the sensory input of their source entity. They have a Bound Area equal to about 50m, and a Spiritual Point of Origin (where they re-manifest from).

  • Physical armor or barriers (cover) offers no protection against them.
  • they can be attacked and will react as if they felt it, “death” causes them to temporarily de-manifest.

Incarna d20™ Spiritus Properties Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

Typical AC = 15 / Typical HP = 10; They take no additional damage depending on quality of result. When they “die”, they simply re-manifest at their Spiritual Point of Origin 24 hours later.

Common Examples

Residual Aimless Spirit (Trauma) > Wash of Memories: Will terrorize a target for one round with memories of them dying. +> DC 12 Sanity check or d4/2 psychic damage; Major Fail = Target won’t heal naturally for 1 day.

iCore Spiritus Properties Details/Mechanics