d20 Proficiencies > Incarna

These materials represent the Incarna i20™ approach based on d20 use.

ONLY Applicable to the i20 Variant
Map of d20 Proficiencies to Incarna Equivalent
Proficiency iCore Aspect 1 iCore Aspect 2 iCore Aspect 3 iCore Aspect 4 NOTES
Athletics Skill: Climb Skill: Jump Skill: Run Skill: Swim
Acrobatics Tumbling
Animal Handling Animal Handling Ride
Arcana Lore: Occult
Deception Persuade: Bluff
Gaming Lore: Gaming
History Lore: Subject
Insight Empathy Aura Sense
Investigation Tracking PER check?
Medicine Medical: Basic Medical: Modern Medical: Treatment
Musical Instrument Play: Instrument
Nature Zoology Botany Biology
Perception PER check?
Performance Entertaining
Persuasion Persuade
Religion Lore: Divine
Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand
Stealth Stealth Camouflage
Survival Survival Streetwise
Vehicles Pilot Ride Mount
Alchemy Kit Alchemy
Brewing Kit
Calligraphy Kit
Cartographer Kit
Cobbler Kit
Cooking Kit
Disguise Kit Entertaining: Disguise
Forgery Kit
Glassblower Kit
Herbalism Kit Botany Cooking
Jewelers Kit
Leather Worker Kit
Mason Kit
Navigator Kit Orienteering?
Painter Kit
Poisoner Kit Botany Zoology
Potter Kit
Smithing Kit
Thieves Kit Lock Breaking Security Sys: Locks
Tinker Kit
Weaver Kit
Woodcarver Kit