Imbued (Mystical) Items

Imbued Items are items affixed with Aptitude, Essence, and imbued with a form of sentience. At minimum this sentience allows an item to sense the geometry of the world around them for triggering effects. Greater Imbuements can have the property of full Quintessence.

Properties of Imbued Items

The cost in time, materials, and effort can be reduced by adding several limitations such that the permanent item is not an endless array of extreme power. In fact, most items are made with inhibitors on their power.

Identifying Empowered Items:

Story Hook ++

This presents a good opportunity for adding Character Story elements to the Character.

All the basics of Simple Identification (Rituals of Knowing).

Emergent Materials for Imbuement

Bone items of Colossi, Dragons, and Trolls can be fashioned into powerful Imbued items. Primaeth remains from direct engagements of Principal Entities can be fashioned into armaments and items that are more easily Imbued.