Neophyte Characters

Neophyte characters are those that have not chosen a development path. These character cannot take a Time of Service as part of character creation.

D20 Neophytes: “Zero Level”

  1. Generate Stats
  2. Choose Race/Sub-Race and gain benefits.
  3. Choose Background
  4. All 0-level characters start with 4 HP, plus their CON modifier.
  5. Starting proficiency bonus is +1.
  6. 0-level characters are not proficient in any saving throws.
  7. You begin only with the equipment and money listed in the Background.
  8. If you are a spell caster, you may choose a cantrip and cast that once per Short Rest. Limits on Spell Casting – You must have either been trained, discovered a long lost book of knowledge or had a vision to grant you spell casting abilities.

Advancing to First Level

After your first adventure, assuming you are alive and have accumulated enough experience, you can advance into any character class of your choice that you qualify for: HP increase as appropriate, though you have a minimum of 4. You gain all the normal proficiencies, abilities, etc., for your new class. In the case of duplication, you gain no benefit. You do not gain any additional equipment automatically (unless game circumstances allow it), except that Wizards gain a spellbook for free, and clerics/druids gain a holy symbol, if they do not have one already. If you had spell casting ability as a Zero Level character and choose not to go into that type of class, the brief empowerment to cast the cantrips learned vanishes as the mental and/or spiritual processes built up are neglected and wither.

Neophyte characters should have a some degree of Fortune, Wonderment, or Inspiration if they are to be put into a situation similar to 1st level characters and expected to survive.

ICore Neophytes: Total Newby