Decrepitude (Accelerated/Delayed)

Relating to the impact of age on Character Life Cycle. It applies to physical and mental unless noted otherwise. Permanent conditions imposing changes to decrepitude are rare.

Accelerated Decrepitude

This is a serious weakening of the body’s normal regenerative and restorative processes that occurs as part of normal aging. A creature’s normal arc of degeneration is accelerated. Characters affected have their overall life span reduced by 10%. Additionally, the last half of their Adult life cycle is considered Elderly now.

Extreme Acceleration: The last 3/4 of their Adult life cycle is considered Elderly now.

Delayed Decrepitude

Delayed Decrepitude is a biological condition that suspends the normal imperfect process of aging until the last few days or months of a creatures normal life span. It does not extend lifespan beyond normal for a species. The first half of their Elderly life cycle is considered Adult now.

Extreme Delay: The entire Elderly life cycle is considered Adult, until the last 10 [daily] cycles of their life. The character catches up in the last .001 or .0001 percent of their normal allotted years.

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