Cleric Class

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This class conforms to the ©DnD ™ base class as presented in the ©Players Handbook.

Class choice in Incarna is a role-playing challenge more than anything. While any class is possible in the right situation/background, race, culture, gender, regional issues, and social norms all factor into what path a character is able to take. A full Character Background and Perspective Stories can explain anything, even complete deviation from any setting or rule restrictions. However, it is also these constraining elements that give the most role-play challenge (and reward) and should be encouraged. Multi-classing after character creation has only the limits the story and setting provide (aside from any normal Ability limits).

Changes to the Cleric

  1. Essence: The Cleric loses 1 Essence at 1st level for the deep ties to their deity.
  2. Tasha’s Cauldron: Additional Cleric Spells (Optional Feature)


Soul Sacrifice
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The character kills a target in a manner proscribed by a Ritual in order to gain out 1 use of Channel Divinity. The use can be any they meet the requirements for.

Requirements: The victim must be sentient, and have Essence. Alignment: Non-Good only. This can only be done 1/Long Rest.