Divine Elementary Weapon [profile/template]

Value: ? (made new) / ? (as-is existing)

Such items follow the template of Even elementary divine weapons are made by followers of a faith FOR a specific reason. They are typically made to arm followers of a faith in service to a task or quest. More powerful weapons will share the Empowered Weapon properties, but have more unique ones in addition, and typically be Singularly Bound to a single follower. Unlike other aptitudes’ mystical weapons, these divine elemental weapons are powerful enough in and of themselves, leveraging the bonds of faith, that rarely are more powerful holy weapons made beyond their templates.

Despondent Urge: All have this; Typical ones are keyed to such things as “When it’s possession passes between the enemies of the faith once for each finger on a mans hands.” It may used as an Offering by enemies of the Principal it is tied to as well.

Common Requirements: Attunement: _#_ Essence; _Apt_ Aptitude _#_; Sanctified State of Grace

Common Properties: Guided by the hand of a Divine Principal, in the hands of a bound Follower, it gains significant powers. Divine Intent: All divine empowered weapons/items of any significance bear with them a Bond of Authority and inherit a Code of Conduct which must be adhered to in general to enjoy its benefits. Advanced > The Conviction Powers requires Conviction to the Divine Principal the weapon is bound to, and Shared Litany.

  • Aura of Conviction: Mind Above – The wielder may target a target with Shared Litany with a spell requiring Concentration and the focus of the Divine Principal takes the place of their Concentration (automatically making all checks until the spell/ability ends).
  • Aegis of Conviction:

Elementary Combat Powers

Has the typical Combat Powers of an Enhanced Weapon with an Authoritative Drive, with the following adjustments: Durable – This passive property is present even if the wielder does not have Good Standing; Heedful – Enhances Connexion attempts. The handling by those subject to the Onus will also leave a Trivial Taint – This must be Cleansed for the Conviction Powers (Connexion) to be accessible to the wielder.


Elementary Onus applies regardless of the wielder’s ability to wield it. An entity that is a follower of the Divine Principal it is bound to will immediately sense the affinity with the item when it is touched/wielded. They will understand it will need to be Attuned and its elementary nature (not specific strength; though most are but a single measure). Likewise, an opposed entity will sense the onus when it is touched/wielded.

Incarna d20™ Divine Elementary Weapon Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

A normal magical items. d20 [specific] Requirements: Equivalent Affixed/Allotted Essence for Aptitude requirement.

Elementary Combat Powers: The denoted level indicates the bonus. i.e. a Holy Axe (2) will have +2 Attack, +2 Damage, Durable (x2 = 2 extra Resilience), +2 Initiative, and +2 to any Connexion attempts.

iCore Divine Elementary Weapon Mechanics

Crafting a Holy [Elementary] Weapon

The item itself is made from good materials, with the intent from the moment of the collection of materials to be made into a divine item. The time and attention to detail must be of a higher caliber as well. This typically increases the cost of base materials and work by double. Because the weapon represents higher service to a Divine Principal, a crafters mark will not generally be obvious, and no prestige is to be gained for it (though possibly from its association to the Divine Principal). Holy weapons are often given common names, have the words of the god/entity or one of its famous adherents, and fashioned with sacred colors, symbols, etc.

The materials are prepared with the Rite of Sanctifying (Cleansing Grace), as is everyone involved in the making of it. Once the item is complete, it is given the Rite of Sanctifying again and the Rite of the Reverent, Consecrating the item with a State of Grace.

Example Divine Elementary Weapon Notation

The name of the divine elementary weapon is “The Will of Zeus”. These are 2m long Holy Spears (1) made with pieces of lightning struck wood, carved with his symbol, wrapped in dyed white leather for a grip, and typically emblazoned with the words ‘The dice of Zeus always falls luckily’ (attributed to Sophocles).