Rite of Sanctifying (Cleansing Grace)


This divine rite cleanses the petitioner in the eyes of the faith/Principal, and welcomes them into the fold of the followers in a Sanctified state of Grace. The Rite is typically proceeded by a time (usually no more than a day) of fasting, observance, and a small offering. Typically, there will be a Sponsor to the character’s journey and entry into the faith.

Common Requirements: Absent any Transgressions not Atoned for; Under Censure, or Forsworn on any Vows; Shared Litany (Good Standing) for the faith/Divine Principal

Form and Execution

[Example] The rite lasts for a few minutes or more, there are ritualized chants, a question or two with standard responses for those seeking the path of the faith/Principal and an acknowledgement to abide by the basic tenets and causes of the faith expressed in it’s Shared Litany. Some voice speaks with authority – be it intonations from a sacred scripture read by the petitioner, sponsor or a representative with personal or institutional authority.

Incarna d20™ Class List w/Passage Rites Details/Mechanics

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There are several d20 classes which can possibly use Divine Aptitude and participate in passage Rites.

iCore Archetype List w/Passage Rites Details/Mechanics

The there is no Rite of Zealotry, it counts as the highest State of Grace one can have in relation of a Divine Principal ; Though Agent may be greater in Divine Command (voice of authority), they are not necessarily all Zealots.