Rite of Devout Grace


The Rite is the triggering act for moving from the previous level, to a Devout state of Grace. Many times this is done through some time in meditation, prayer, or a pilgrimage/quest unless where institutions direct the Divine Principal’s efforts and will formally enact the rite.

Common Requirements: Absent any Transgressions not Atoned for; Under Censure, or Forsworn on any Vows; Shared Litany (good standing) for the faith/Divine Principal

Form and Execution

[Example] The rite lasts for an hour or more, there are ritualized chants, a ceremony with multiple adherents, questions with some standard responses and some interpreted answers for those seeking the path of the faith/Principal and an acknowledgement to abide by the basic tenets and causes of the faith expressed in it’s Shared Litany even in direct clash with outside authorities. Some voice speaks with authority – be it intonations from a sacred scripture read by the petitioner, sponsor or a representative with personal or institutional authority.

Incarna d20™ Class List w/Passage Rites Details/Mechanics

This content is part of the i20™ Variant for the d20 System™.

There are several d20 classes which can possibly use Divine Aptitude and participate in passage Rites.

iCore Archetype List w/Passage Rites Details/Mechanics

The there is no Rite of Zealotry, it counts as the highest State of Grace one can have in relation of a Divine Principal ; Though Agent may be greater in Divine Command (voice of authority), they are not necessarily all Zealots.