Ranger in the Steel Realms

Steel Realms

The sacred bond of a Ranger to the natural creatures and places of the world is what differentiates them from a fighter well-versed in survival and scouting outdoors. By default, all races use the Unearthed Arcana rules variant just like the base Ranger Class. All rangers will venerate the powers of nature either officially and formally through the Green Church and its Clerics or more militantly through the natural the powers of the Wyld Faith and the Druids (Order of Davros). Spell-casting rangers per ©Players Handbook guidelines are rare and powerful and only available under certain circumstances.

Ranger – Hunter

Only the High Kings Rangers are hunters; they are bound to one (or both) of the Demiurge dual aspects of the Wyld Faith – Gaia (female; land) and Darupet (male; beast) and their sacred oath. They will directly with the Druids and the Order of Davros in the realms. ONLY High King’s Rangers follow the ©Players Handbook Ranger Class with the Hunter path. This must be chosen at the time of character creation or follow the Unearthed Arcana rules variant if it is abandoned at 3rd level.

Ranger – Beast Master

All ©Players Handbook Rangers of Beast Master path (must be chosen at the time of character creation or follow the Unearthed Arcana rules variant if the choice is abandoned by 3rd level) in the steel Realms venerate Darupet – their connection to him is what givens them their bond to the beast powers they possess. These Beast masters are militant, wild and ferocious in the defense of their sacred animal and its places, answering only to the Druids (and sometimes not even to them). Grollen combine their veneration of Ezrilus and Rastur in a special way – their animal companion is always a large cat or hyena and requires a Character Trial*.

  1. Alignment: Sanity DC 10 check at character creation or the starting alignment must incorporate Chaotic.

Beastial Archetypes

Any Ranger (Unearthed Arcana rules) of the Steel Realms may bond themselves to a specific archetype of the Wyld Faith before or at 5th level. This is typically done as a pledge to protect the animal they represent, and its ideals over all else. These rangers seek to promote awareness of the place of their sacred animal, protect it and the lands it lives in – the ranger is a champion and spokesman foe the animal. As part of their bond, they are required to obey the Order of Davros in any request as it pertains to their mission around their sacred animal.


Disadvantage: 1 Essence; Taint: The character will always detect as and be affected by powers as their race, class and animal they are bonded to to their detriment.

High King’s Ranger

King’s Ranger Oath

“The King and the Land are One. So does one suffer, the other must as well.”