Sylvanic (and derivatives; language)

Sylvanic is a Preeminent Language branch of the iVerse. It typically has “SPOKEN” and “WRITTEN” expressions of communication.

Ut-Sylvanic: Uses gestures to symbolize, mimicking elemental effects, smells, expressions, animal sounds, barks, whistles, One of the most ancient tongues, some say as old as Draconic. It can only accomplish a very rough form of Conversational “language”, no matter the level of accomplishment (higher levels can offset dialects and regional differences).

Sylvan (modern) Language

Also known as “Pure Sylvan”; A full language (though it struggles with some abstract concepts and terminology for complex scientific processes) which is near universal. Most species of the multiverse have the physical ability to speak or communicate in its modes to some degree. It has a full script that combines symbols and an alphabet, though this is rarely used as it has the same limitations as the spoken, and also encapsulates large and complex ideas or concepts into a single symbol. It has a maximum level of Expert fluency (higher levels can offset dialects and regional differences).

Sylvanic Sign

Sylvanic Sign is a rudimentary symbol and script based system to communicate basic ideas. It has a maximum level of Accomplished fluency, there are no Expert or Master levels of capability using Sylvanic Sign.

Knowledge of Sylvanic

Knowledge is broken down by ease of discovery/accessibility. If nothing is indicated, assume it is Pervasive.

Pervasive Knowledge / Very Easy Difficulty

Its origins are thought to be emergent in nature, but truly it is unknown. Some root expressions are found in Draconic.

Common Knowledge / Easy Difficulty

It is widely known throughout the multiverse, and seems to be naturally emergent in multiple places.

Uncommon Knowledge / Average Difficulty

Some Anima Founts can communicate and teach it. Those with Glooming or Luminous Presence’s find it easy. Many natural species have an inherent understanding of it or recognize it.

Scarce Knowledge / Hard Difficulty

The dragons will say that they bore witness to a strange cosmic awakening, and it transformed them from the primitive beasts of prey to a higher order of being – the foundation of the mighty race they are now. Some of Sylvanic’s means of expression became part of their own communication and it helped them in their development to see the multiverse differently. The languages of the Glooming and Luminous creatures are descended from this language.

Rare Knowledge / Very Hard Difficulty

When the current [iverse] multiverse was young, something happened. Some great awakening, something that was once only a dream became real. In its awakening it became aware of all the life it contained. To that burgeoning life it gave itself to create and teach Sylvanic so that all life could communicate to each other. If not by sound, by symbol or gesture, or even by shape or scent or color. Embedded within the way were many means of understanding. How this was done or who/what is unknown.

Obscure Knowledge / Near-Impossible Difficulty is not available in known references; It is not necessarily Forbidden Knowledge.