Character History/Back Story Rewards

A detailed history may have an impact on the timeline of the character – Significant time to acquire/achieve outside of Character Inception..

D20 Story Rewards

Seeking a Path“: This is assumption of a specific class (for each class), the choice of a class archetype/path (ex: magic school, circle, berserker, etc. – usually at second or third level), and class features (ex: channel divinity).

Background Perspectives: The background perspectives (Personality, Ideal, Bond Flaw, etc.) provide a opportunity to give your character some outlooks and motivations. You can choose or randomly generate (+1 ) the values for these. If you tell the story behind the suite of all the perspectives, it is worth 2 character reward tokens ().

  1. x 1 = The character starts play with single measure of Lore (A +2 on a subject, such as Elves, that is used by multiple skills).
  2. x 2 = The character starts play with a measure of Inspiration.
  3. x 4+ = Gain an additional +1 on a single Ability that is less than 15 at the time of character creation.
  4. x 7+ = Detailed Upbringing: The character starts play with another measure of Lore. Their second Hit Dice in their primary class is maximum. The character begins with +1 [contentblock id=essence1]. Some or all of these may be exchanged for additional knowledge or power (spell, use, feat, etc.) agreed upon by the GM.
  5. Alternate Upbringing: This badge can be used if a player writes a character’s background stories in such a way that the character does not fit into (or gain the benefits of) any setting-normal culture/racial upbringing. Physiological traits such as dark vision are possessed by the character, but they gain no other racial aspects. Instead, the may use the Alternate [Human] Traits or a specific racial upbringing profile (though the story must explain how they were raised to adulthood in that racial/cultural mode). In humans this ignores all regional aspects, and takes the place of the normal ability score adjustment.

ICore Story List

“Seeking a Path”:

Back Story Key Moment Rewards