[Base] d20 Druid Class Variant

These rule changes are for the d20 System™ as represented in the Basic Rules presented in full as The ©Players Handbook.

     ONLY Applicable to the Incarna d20 Variant      

Primary Aptitude(s): Divine.

They come from the Mystic Traditions of Inspiration or Spark. This class uses Adjuration type castings for determining Casting Constraints.

Changes to the Druid

  1. Essence: The Druid loses 1 Essence at 1st level for the deep ties to their deity.
  2. The Druid’s druidic focus is a form of
  3. Focus Point. It can be combined with their Holy Symbol.
  4. Tasha’s Cauldron: Additional Druid Spells (Optional Feature); Circle of Spores


Soul Sacrifice

The character kills a target in a manner proscribed by a Ritual in order to …

Requirements: The victim must be sentient, and have Essence. Alignment: Non-Good only. This can only be done 1/Long Rest.