Blood Magic

Uses existing modalities, Methods, and Manifestation techniques to augment or accomplish a mystic outcome, typically involving Ritual and/or Ceremony and Offering. The offering, be it self or others, is of vital life energy. This can be temporary, or more long-lasting/permanent nature depending on the power sought in exchange for the Offering. Using Blood Magic will often leave a Mark of Wickedness, regardless of the intent or nature of what is to be gained.

Are there any drawbacks to using blood magic? Is it considered “Forbidden” knowledge? In most cases, blood magic is highly controversial. It is considered both a shortcut to power, and a doorway to the sacrifice of others or other things in order to gain power and exceed the normal limits of spell manipulation. This perspective is, of course, culturally dependent within any given setting, but in general it is seen as such. A character using blood magic regularly may find themselves sanctioned by a Divine Principal or Granting Authority. Extreme use of Blood Magic has been known to involve Entrophy as well – a naturally corruptive influence leading to potentially, the worst outcomes. The Cauldron of Blood is an example of using risky Blood Magic to gain mystical power.

Vital Reserves

Vital Reserves represent the types of life energies that can be used in Blood Magic. The process of using each of the Vital Reserves is one which Requires Study (Expert).

  1. Anima Energy: The primary anima energy pools are Chi, Focus, Mana, and/or Synergy.
  2. Health
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Essence

Vital Threshold: How many measures of Vital Reserves an entity can provide in sacrifice (Offering) over a prolonged period of time. If the entity has Blood Deficiency, this value is halved (min. 1). Exceeding the Vital Threshold: Normally it kills the practitioner. Where possible, this is specialized knowledge that allows the practitioner to exceed even the normal limits of the boundary pushing Blood Magic itself.

Blood Magic Mechanics

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Compact of Dark Shelter

The Blood Magic tradition provides for a means to enable a Blood Oath between a Fiendish entity and/or Divine Principle to support a Compact of Dark Shelter. The cementing of the compact is always done through a offering of Blood and Souls. The breaking of the compact triggers a violent and harsh Transgression.