Luminous Bond

The entity bonds with a (Quintessential) Luminous Presence by way of a permanent mingling of Essence with a Luminous Mote of the Realm of Dreamwyld. Once merged, the transformed entity can be seen with Aura Sight. If ever the Mote is killed or removed in some way, the costs are still permanent, all effects are immediately lost and the character will suffer temporary Deluded Thoughts and possibly worse.

Type: Divine

Common Requirements: The Preeminent Presence must be either Material or Aethereal. Cannot possess Glooming Bond; The Game Master, Setting, and/or story elements will determine what is relevant and/or appropriate. To communicate with the Luminous entity, they use a form of Oiflalha; This is needed as part of the normal Ritual of Drawing Radiance to summon the entity and perform the bonding.

Common Costs: Sacrifice 1 Essence for the Bond. Measures of the bond require CP at Significant Cost. The character will take on physical characteristics reflecting the bonded mote (i.e. hair, skin, eye color, shadow shape, a halo or shadow crown, a glow, facial feature minor changes, etc.)

Common Effects: After the equivalent of a year, the character will gain 2 Essence as their presence in The Pattern grows stronger. The ascent is marked by strong healing, an aura of hope surrounding the victim that increases light, and reduced impact of Dreamwyld effects. General Appearance maximum is increased by 1 measure per measure of Bond. The first measure of Hard damage is ignored. Each measure may grant additional effects:

i20™ Luminous Bond Details

i20 [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

The merged entity will register as Celestial when Detect Evil/Good or Protection vs. Good/Evil is used.

Death/Removal of Mote: Deluded Thoughts until a Short Rest. The character loses point of Constitution; Any physical manifestation are gone.

iCore iCore™ Luminous Bond Details

Attribute 1: None | Attribute 2: None

iCore [specific] Requirements: / Cost _ CP/_ Essence

iCore Text

Specific Manifestations

  • Behavior:
  • Physical/Visage:
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