Manifesting Mystic Powers/Capabilities

Each capability is classified usually by Aptitude. For each of these, the actual act of Manifesting capability has a different name. Each capability is different, and most can be personalized or modified through additional research and experimentation; Most choose the quickest/common manifestations as customized versions take more away from in-game time after Character Inception.

Common Manifesting Aspects: Common aspects of working with psychic powers/capabilities may include such things as raw will power, deep understanding (sometimes based on Aptitude), perception and filters, the use of anima energy, materials (symbolic, sometimes consumed), mental visualizations, specific movements and combinations of any of these. Where one or more are not required may be a way to improve the potency of the Manifestation by adding such a requirement to it, especially materials if offered destructively (consumed) as part of the act.

  • Effort: Effort is comprised of the knowledge and energy that triggers the “Spell” effect.
  • Effect: Effect is comprised of the focus and direction (Concentration) that triggers the “Spell” effect.
  • Presentation: (Final Manifestation Presentation) Spells, when manifesting, have a physical appearance component in addition to their basic physical parameters (damage, outcome, etc. The physical appearance properties – color, smell, etc. are set by the effect and how it was learned, but can be customized under the right circumstances.